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Anyone else excited about Starship Slaughterhouse Faster Than Light: Advanced Edition?

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I was away for a while. Hello again, tumblr.

Somehow this blog gained new HS followers recently. I’m afraid I’m not very motivated to draw many Homestuck fanarts since the hiatus started. But sometimes the characters just… you know, happen.
Like Kanaya here.

Anonymous sent:

What program are you using to do your art? (Its all super awesome by the way:))

Thank you! It’s the first anon ask I got in months, and such a nice one. :)
But the answer is plain and boring, since I use only Photoshop now. I have an old Painter IX.5 too, but I haven’t used it for some time. I think all the art here is made in PS.

By the way, I noticed a big influx of followers (welcome!) and notifications in my usually quiet Activity feed, so I’m curious about what happened. Did someone better known reblog something of mine?

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The worst decision this year: "Hey guys, I think I found a game for us to play online together. It’s free and people seem to like it. Oh, and it’s not a MMORPG or MOBA, so we won’t get addicted…"

The best decision this year: "… so maybe let’s try it?"

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And this is why artists like Spriteknight and I should never be given baking supplies.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Also on Steam, if you’d like to Like it. :)

I beat that one game.

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Ender’s Game (the movie) - first impressions
(without spoilers, but just my reaction may be spoilerific for some people)

(guys going with me to see the movie on Thursday - do not open this)

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My brother got me an official Mass Effect N7 hoodie for my nameday (no, not today). Just like the one Shepard wears in game.
I’m such a happy cat now.

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so this is something i’ve wanted to share my view on for a while about art block/mental illness/art guilt.

mostly it’s a note to self.

and i know i’m using visual art as an example here, but this goes for any kind of creativity because the process is the same. i have a friend who makes music,…

Breaking my no-reblogging rule because this is important. And relevant. Please read, all my art-blocked friends.

And with this I bring along an apology for lack of art here. I’m alive, I did’t forget about this blog and I’m trying. Bear with me a little more, I’m getting there. Especially since it’s October now.


I’ve been listening to old Homestuck albums during work and got nostalgic. The fandom and the comic itself were lot different back then.

It’s been two years since I first read Homestuck. The exact date is today or tomorrow, I don’t remember (I just know I finished before September 18th and the whole read took me around five days).

I may not post as much Homestuck here these days, but it’s still important to me – being in the fandom and seeing the wonderful fanarts has helped me grow as an artist. I wouldn’t even have this tumblr if not for this. :)

So I want to draw something, a simple portrait or bodyshot (because work, ugh), but I don’t really know who…

To any Homestuck out there - who would you want to see?

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