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Okay, I think I’m going to reply to this… I thought about the issue a lot when painting, but I’m too shy to post anything on my own and here’s the incentive, so… Yeah, please bear with me for a minute.

I should probably say it before anything else – I really like Miss Pauling. I like all TF2 characters, especially ladies, but Miss Pauling is special since she’s so unique. She’s all business, yes. She works with not-so-sane bunch of mercs and a scary dragon lady, yet she’s not intimidated in the slightest. She’s polite, she’s efficient and I don’t doubt she has a plan to kill everyone she meets. Probably more than one.
But what I really like about Miss Pauling is that she’s nice. She’s really, genuinely nice, but not soft. And I appreciate it’s not a fake niceness that people write so many cold-blooded killers with. It’s rare to see a character (especially female character) who’s not afraid to get their hands dirty and at the same time is the most collected and pleasant in the whole ensemble.

So, yeah, that was a love letter to original Miss Pauling. As for the ED Miss Pauling…
I think she’s not a bad character. She’d be great in another story, but for TF2 it feels like a missed opportunity.
Someone on tumblr wrote it better than me, but the main thing is – she acts like a teenager. A bit tsundere teenager to boot. It’s hard to imagine the comic version of Miss Pauling getting so excited about fighting a bread monster – she’s used to danger, even paranormal one. But in ED she reacts like she sees it as adventure and something that warrants giddiness and joy. I think I wouldn’t have problems with her character if not for the “can we do that again?” monologue.
Although her nervous “you’re ready” irks me a bit too. And she speaks too fast, but this one is purely subjective, since she sounds differently in my head when I read the comics.

There’s also an issue of her appearing for the first time in the movies (remember, most fans don’t read the comics) solely for the purpose of Scout having a love interest. That’s some really unfortunate implications here.
My friend described her as a Scout’s love fantasy, and it sounds about right.

So, yeah. That was the reason for the picture I think. Miss P in ED is okay, but she’s not really Miss P I love. Now I can just sit and wait for a two-months-late bimonthly issue of TF2 comic…
Anyway, sorry for the rant. That’s why you shouldn’t give Teamage a soapbox.

Hej, czy to nie czasem cytat z filmu “Grawitacja”? Pasuje do Sidoniii, motyw oceanu często tam powraca w mandze. Super…
Dziękuję. :)
Cytat jest z samej Sidonii, z szóstego odcinka, kiedy Hoshijiro i Nagate rozmawiają w Batysferze Rychłej Śmierci.
"Grawitacji" nie widziałam i bardzo żałuję. Jak zobaczyłam pierwszy trailer, to powiedziałam sobie "nie, nie mogę tego oglądać, będę potem przeżywać", więc oczywiście gdy tylko weszła do kin, to zaczęłam namawiać znajomych, żeby ze mną poszli. :D
Ale jakoś nikt nie chciał (chyba boją się kosmosu), więc pozostaje mi internet…

They say life emerged from the sea. Or, well, it did on Earth. When I was alone, without you, just drifting through space… I felt like I was drifting through the sea. I felt like I was returning to the sea that birthed me.

I had this laying around since the sixth episode aired, I just have a huge problem finishing things.
Guys, please give Knights of Sidonia a try, especially if you’re a fan of premise/worldbuiling in the other SnK. It airs on Netflix now I think? Just… well, the character CGI is kind of shitty, so be warned. But it’s worth it.

Halfway through sketching I realized I’d never be able to do a clean sharp sketch like all those talented people.
Solution? Take the messiest ink brush in the whole library. Scratch away. What are clean lines?

I got some items as gifts and this is my new Medic loadout, finally with depth perception similar to his player’s.
I spent my evening surrounded by four Heavies who sprayed “Seer’s Army” everywhere. They even changed usernames to “Seer’s loyal <insert chosen proffesion here>.” That was surprisingly touching.
The handsome Heavy here is the one who gave me items.

Aww, happy birthday! :)

Thank you so much! :)


Wow, that’s the most literate wishes I got today. :D
Thank you so much, little bro!

The short was undeniably awesome.
But when it comes to Miss P’s characterisation, I strongly prefer the original.

Interrupting a work-related tumblr hiatus just to say that I can’t believe this movie is official.

hey there's a picture of jade I want to use in a video I'm working on. If I give you credit, can I use it? (just asking bc I'm not 100% sure what you'd like to do)

Sure, go ahead! Thanks for asking, I really appreciate when people do that.
Please link it to me when it’s finished, I’ll love to see it. :)

Anyone else excited about Starship Slaughterhouse Faster Than Light: Advanced Edition?