Halfway through sketching I realized I’d never be able to do a clean sharp sketch like all those talented people.
Solution? Take the messiest ink brush in the whole library. Scratch away. What are clean lines?

I got some items as gifts and this is my new Medic loadout, finally with depth perception similar to his player’s.
I spent my evening surrounded by four Heavies who sprayed “Seer’s Army” everywhere. They even changed usernames to “Seer’s loyal <insert chosen proffesion here>.” That was surprisingly touching.
The handsome Heavy here is the one who gave me items.

Aww, happy birthday! :)

Thank you so much! :)


Wow, that’s the most literate wishes I got today. :D
Thank you so much, little bro!

The short was undeniably awesome.
But when it comes to Miss P’s characterisation, I strongly prefer the original.

Interrupting a work-related tumblr hiatus just to say that I can’t believe this movie is official.

hey there's a picture of jade I want to use in a video I'm working on. If I give you credit, can I use it? (just asking bc I'm not 100% sure what you'd like to do)

Sure, go ahead! Thanks for asking, I really appreciate when people do that.
Please link it to me when it’s finished, I’ll love to see it. :)

Anyone else excited about Starship Slaughterhouse Faster Than Light: Advanced Edition?

I was away for a while. Hello again, tumblr.

Somehow this blog gained new HS followers recently. I’m afraid I’m not very motivated to draw many Homestuck fanarts since the hiatus started. But sometimes the characters just… you know, happen.
Like Kanaya here.

What program are you using to do your art? (Its all super awesome by the way:))

Thank you! It’s the first anon ask I got in months, and such a nice one. :)
But the answer is plain and boring, since I use only Photoshop now. I have an old Painter IX.5 too, but I haven’t used it for some time. I think all the art here is made in PS.

By the way, I noticed a big influx of followers (welcome!) and notifications in my usually quiet Activity feed, so I’m curious about what happened. Did someone better known reblog something of mine?

The worst decision this year: "Hey guys, I think I found a game for us to play online together. It’s free and people seem to like it. Oh, and it’s not a MMORPG or MOBA, so we won’t get addicted…"

The best decision this year: "… so maybe let’s try it?"